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Control liquor loss and improve profitability with the Bevinco inventory control service. With Bevinco PRIME, a fully trained consultant will work on-site using our proprietary software to perform a detailed audit of the bar. You will receive in-depth reporting analyzing inventory, purchase processing, sales and spillage reconciliation, weekly order forecast, ordering and variance. From here, our consultant will work with you and your staff to implement control strategies to increase profitability.

The first and best web-based beverage management system

Bevchek Inc. is the first company to introduce a real-time, web-based Draft Beer Control System to the hospitality industry. This new, state of the art system uses the most accurate and reliable technology available today custom created by Bevchek.

The Bevchek Draft Beer system provides restaurant and bar owners with detailed, real-time data comparing sales from their Point of Sale (POS) terminals relative to real-time pours captured through Bevchek’s advanced flow metering technology. The resulting data is delivered to owners and management in a meaningful format, accessible anytime from anywhere via an Internet connection.

The challenge to restaurant and bar operators trying to implement controls is doing so without impacting the guests’ experience. Bevchek has achieved this through their beer monitoring technology that works in the background and is virtually invisible to both bar staff and guests. By providing operators with a simplified data reporting mechanism that highlights slippage and data trends on a minute-by-minute basis, Bevchek’s real-time, web-based system helps create operational transparency, complete accountability, prevents bar theft and maximizes bar profits.

Bevchek offers your business:

  • Unprecedented beverage monitoring and management
  • Internet-based, real-time data updated every minute
  • Time stamping of all pours and sales transactions
  • Ability to track staff and customer trends per shift, per store and per company
  • Easy-to-read variance reports highlighting slippage by individual item
  • Ability to monitor multiple locations from a single computer
  • Instant data collection and projected trends
  • Dynamic and real time marketing data essential for beer monitoring
  • Graphical advanced views and data analysis/analytics of data over any period of time
  • Data warehousing for life
  • Real-time pour cost
  • Web based reporting 24 x 7
  • Sales & Profit Analysis
  • On Hand Beer Inventory Management System
  • Graphing Tool
  • Multiple User levels
  • Quick and easy integration with existing dispensing systems
  • SMS / email / PDA alerts when user parameters are breached
  • A user-friendly web interface that is simple to read and navigate

Increase your gross profit by up to 20% and get dynamic real-time data!